Our Charity was incorporated on the 3rd February 2017.

The Charity's Objects are:

1)  To advance education in the fields of religion, science and philosophy, and the comparative study thereof, through maintaining a library accessible to academics and students as well as the general public, and in such other ways as the charity trustees think fit.
2)  To promote religious and/or racial harmony through promotion of understanding and fellowship among people of all races, nationalities, philosophies and religions. 

Towards these objectives our extensive collection of literature has been completely overhauled, with every book, journal and pamphlet handled and assessed. We feel this is an exciting time to augment the collection with new paradigms currently pouring forth from different sources, which reiterate many ancient ideas and esoteric principles.  In this way the Charity intends to fulfil its objectives.


Regrettably, at present, our library collection is in storage prior to the construction of our new, purpose-built Depository. As soon as our new facility opens our library contents will then be available for perusal on an appointment basis.  In the interim, should you wish to contact us, we will endeavour to satisfy your enquiry.‚Äč





















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