In accordance with our aims and objectives, our Principal Librarian - Gary Kidgell featured recently in two online interviews on the Living Theosophy Youtube Channel'



    Gary will also be running a short online study group for 6 weeks, starting on Friday 29th of May, from 3pm - 4pm (for a limited number of 12 people).

Principles of the Wisdom Teachings

The study group consists of six one-hour lessons designed to provide both introductory and intermediate students with a solid grounding in the underlying principles of Theosophy.

These are intended to offer a ‘fast-track’ towards one embracing the Theosophical paradigm. The contents serve to effectively ‘break the hard ground’ enhancing one’s understanding and capacity to apply the tenets of the wisdom teachings in one’s spiritual practices and in everyday life.

Students are introduced to a series of interrelated, fundamental components, or postulates, of the wisdom teachings, These function as ‘building blocks’ towards one’s understanding and application of the timeless truths contained therein. These include

    The living nature of the universe and our relationship to the planetary consciousness

    The Esoteric Human Constitution

    Reincarnation, Karma, the Wheel of Rebirth

    The Spiritual Path

    As Above So Below

    All Life is Interconnected

    Maya and Plato’s Cave Analogy

Each lesson is comprised of a lecture followed by questions and answers then a discussion.

The study group is free to members but is limited to the first 12 people who apply. As the course is wholly online you will need a PC or Mac with camera and microphone and the 'Zoom' software installed.

If interested please email me at damon.scothern@theosoc.org.uk 

Many thanks,



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